Architectural Competition for Urban Design of Central Zone of City of Novi Sad 2018

Novi Sad, Serbia

Architectural design competition entry

Award: First prize

Word from the Jury:
“Following competition propositions, winning team designed best solution that is “authentic, functional design with well thought out aesthetic for Central zone of City of Novi Sad”.
Winning team was using clean and straight forward design approach to make streets and squares of central zone flow seamlessly one to another and connect to one unified space.”

Igor Čubra B.Arch.
Jelena Čubra B.Arch.
Jelena Škerović Master of Architecture

Zoran Jovanović B.Arch.
Zorana Jovanović B.Arch.

Competition organized by The City of Novi Sad, City Administration for Construction Land and Investments

Area: 37.368 m²

Year of design: 2018. ARTHS Studio Čubra

Architecture: Design