LCD Digital Display Structure, Design and Construction in Airport Nikola Tesla Terminal One

Display size: 4 m x 2.3 m

multiVISION LED Advertising media network

International Airport “Nikola Tesla” Terminal One, Belgrade, Serbia

Igor Čubra B.Arch.

Display is assembled out of 16 LCD screens with 0.2 mm gap between them both horizontally and vertically. For that reason, steel structure had to be designed with minimal bending when all loads are taken in account.

Steel structure was designed in such a manner so all steel elements could connected with bolts because welding was not allowed in the Airport building.
Weight of all steel elements had to be calculated so all elements could be lifted and assembled without use of specific mechanization because dimensions of Airport terminal entrance door was to small and construction was done above Dufry shop that was operational whole time.

Client: multiVISION d.o.o.

Number of manufactured items: 1

Year of design: 2018. ARTHS Studio Čubra
Year of construction: 2018.

Steel Design