Office Space in DPC Head Office Building in New Belgrade

Belgrade, Serbia

Jelena Čubra B.Arch.
Igor Čubra B.Arch.

Office space is designed in advanced minimalist style with partially visible electrical and HVAC installations and with modular ceiling “islands”.

Modular ceiling solution is designed using rectangular grid with surface mounted and recessed luminaires and black structural rails so it can form layered, yet clean appearance.

A reduced range of materials is used with a lot of attention to contrast, rhythm and dynamic of interior elements. Basic materials are wall and floor concrete panels and white and anthracite wall surfaces, while wooden elements in interior are used to bring warmth to and color.

Client: Digital Printing Center d.o.o.

Building floors: 3
Interior area: 752 m2 of 1000 m2 building

Year of design: 2018. ARTHS Studio Čubra
Year of construction: 2019.

Interior Design